Heather Journey

Writer, Streamer, Cosplayer, Content Creator

About Me

Hello everyone! Heather Journey here! I am an immortal witchy wolf that loves to write! I am looking to spread the joy of literature, writing, and stories wherever i can! I am an ENVtuber/streamer who loves playing story-driven games and creating a wide variety of content! I hope you will join me on The Journey Within!

Vtuber Group

The Journey Within 1.0:


Writing blog: The Journey Within
Amazon: My Novels
Scriptwriter for VN: Lost Girl
Tiktok: Cosplay Videos
Instagram: Cosplay Photos
Twitch: Vtuber Streaming
Youtube: Vtuber Videos
Tumblr: Heather Art



Journey Links

Below are links to my socials where you can reach out to me and places you can support me ad my future projects!~


My lovely artists and team:Manager: HallowedPromos
Panels/Emotes by: Astarotte
Character Design by: Daisy Baka
2D Model Art by: HahnAraa
2D Rigs by: Tilapia
3D Models by: Alice Daemon (https://twitter.com/Alice
Daemon36)Pixel Heather by: ToriThaiga (https://twitter.com/ToriThaiga)Vtuber Kit Model by: KyuppinHeathaslime by: @melonminty_Heather Plush by lilycat (https://twitter.com/Lilycat615)Stream Layouts by: Nori Akagi
Icon and Intermission Screens by: sketchfarm
Banner/logo by: wellnayr
Music by Therah
Heathawoo by: RoriVT
Ayla Bonk by: watsamugi
Wolfy Pat Emote by: Preadotr1Ayla and Zylo Model Art by: PoofuAyla and Zylo png/design and rig by: littlecatvt
Heath Design by: thistlekatt
Stinger by: nyaakii (https://ko-fi.com/nyaakii)Heather Vibe emote by dere_tsukiBaby heathie model by Honeykudzu (https://ko-fi.com/honeykudzu)Blankie by catboymerch